At just 5 months old, little Borti was found abandoned on the streets of Macedonia suffering from what we believe is a crippling protozoan disease.

Borti’s hindlimbs have severe muscle contractures due to fibrotic muscles making his legs completely rigid and our vet suspects some kind of parasite-induced neuropathy and neuromusculoskeletal problems which results in progressive paralysis, inflammation and degeneration of muscle tissue with rigidity of the hindlimbs.

Yet, despite all this, he is such a wonderful, bright little soul, so deserving of his chance at a safe life of love and happiness.

We need to make some indepth tests to determine cause and therefore the correct medications together with physiotherapy, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants.

Yet we URGENTLY NEED FUNDS for expensive preliminary tests that can only be performed in the West such as Germany, as well as equipment and round the clock care to make this little pups life easier whilst we secure the therapies he needs. Please Help

Borti’s treatment and care will cost around 20 euros per day – we therefore URGENTLY NEED TO RAISE 500 euros to secure his future with tests, treatment and therapy.

Please, please share for Borti, and donate if you can to help us to get this sweetheart the treatment he so desperately needs to give him quality of life.


Thank you so much from K9 Rescue and Borti ♥

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