Bulgarian Street Dog Millie is a little girl who has suffered so much. Only 18 months old, she is very gentle and kind yet she already knows what it is like to be kicked and chased away, others had passed her by, turned with disgust and ignored her.

Millie’s story is one of sheer heartbreak, suffering beyond what we can imagine.  First she was shot, with a bullet still lodged in her spine, then she was hit by a car with one rear leg severed, and the other broken. Millie dragged her legs for weeks without being noticed. People passed her by, turned with disgust and ignored her. She was extremely injured and has suffered way beyond what we can possibly imagine.

Yet she survived, despite the people’s indifference, and after weeks or months in this condition without medical intervention, until a kind person posted her photos on the social networks and we responded to their plea for help. Milli’s severed leg was amputated at our clinic, yet nothing could be done for the bullet lodged in her spine or her other rear leg which had already ankylosed completely straight. Millie also tested positive for Canine Distemper yet our little button fought this like everything else she has fought in her short little life and miraculously overcame this terrible disease.

And now our PRECIOUS little disabled girl has been offered a wonderful FOREVER home in Germany yet we need to pay the balance of her vet bills before she can leave – 450 euros is outstanding.

Please help if you can and share!

Thank you from Millie and the K9 Team! ♥

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