Mummy Raya was alone and desperate on the cruel streets of Sofia. She must have known in her heart that her situation was desperate because one day she appeared from nowhere and walked up to our K9 volunteer Tamara. Raya sat directly in front of Tamara and whilst looking up with pleading eyes also gave her paw as an offer of friendship.

Tamara could not ignore her, and with no place else to take her, took her to our vets clinic where everyone immediately fell in love with this kind, beautiful dog. After an examination an ultra sound was made and INDEED Raya’s situation was desperate but we then learnt that she was not pleading and asking for help for herself but for the tiny, precious little lives she was carrying in her belly. SEVEN little puppies. Raya must have known the babies chances of surviving on the street would have been very small.

After weeks of being loved, given safety and good food our darling Mummy Raya gave birth to our first K9 babies. We were overjoyed and as the babies grew many of our supporters sent them wonderful presents and we all together watched them blossom.

Then fate threw a cruel blow and whilst out for a walk Raya was bitten by a tick, something we were unaware of until our babies started one by one to fall ill, seriously ill.

After all routine tests came up negative, expensive IDEXX tests were made and all babies and Raya were immediately started on treatment for Anaplasmosis, a form of Tick Borne Disease, that causes life threatening hemolytic anemia. With deep sorrow and heart break we lost two of our sweethearts Judi Tiddles and Paisley. The clinic staff and ourselves along with all our followers were absolutely devastated.

Baby Sadie remained critical for days as the other babies improved and went from strength to strength. Then miraculously on the weekend Sadie made a full recovery. The fight to save them was not easy and our clinic and ourselves decided to throw every treatment possible at them, we lost two and were not prepared to loose the others. Their stay at the clinic and all this treatment has resulted in a huge bill, even with everyone’s wonderful donations it is still enormous.

Now all the babies have wonderful homes to go to in Europe and Mummy Raya has a fantastic foster home. They can all travel together this weekend and we really need them to go. Even with the most careful procedures put into place the clinic is not the place they should now be, we are terrified they may be at risk of catching something and falling ill again.

Our adoption donations usually pay for our dogs transport to their new lives yet this time we need to put this money to pay off some of their outstanding clinic bill.

This is why we are NOW BEGGING for donations not only toward their clinic costs yet also for help with their transport to a future of love, sun and fresh air. A future they would not have had if Mummy Raya hadn’t begged for help, a future we thought they had been robbed of last week.

Please, please help us get the babies and Raya this future, we are sure little Judi Tiddles and little Paisley are watching us from above and hoping against all odds their Mummy, brothers and sister will get this chance, a chance they sadly and heartbreakingly will now never have.

Thank you with hope in our hearts that we can make this dream come true…

K9 Rescue, Mummy Raya, baby Prince, baby Pebbles, baby Peanut, baby Mitzi and baby Sadie