Seventh month old puppy Hope, thought she had enough to cope with, simply surviving on the hostile streets of Bulgaria, yet when suddenly one day, someone shot her in the spine, leaving her for dead, life on the streets as a disabled puppy became impossible.

Yet Angels were watching over her, and she is now being assessed at our clinic, with the promise of a much brighter future.  Our vets have discovered that in addition to the bullet lodged in her spine, she has an Edema on her spine, from a prior trauma, most likely from a beating, so they are first working to reduce that Edema before the bullet can be removed.

The prognosis is good for Hope, our vets believe that she will walk again once the bullet is removed and therapy can begin, yet we desperately need your help to make this happen for this sweet, yet shy little girl.

With your help, little Hope can cast off her home-made cart and learn to walk and run again, just as a puppy should.  Please can you help?


Thank you so much from K9 Rescue and Puppy Hope ♥

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