We were alerted last year to a severe case of neglect at a house in Bulgaria. When our volunteer got there, he discovered not one, but many dogs starving and living in the most appalling conditions in a filthy yard, left there by a hoarder without food or water for days, a common form of neglect in Bulgaria. The hoarder would only allow two dogs to be taken from this House of Horrors, and with no legal rights under Bulgarian law to remove any dogs at all, Hansel and Gretel, who were in the worst condition having been starved to near death, were the lucky ones to make it out of there alive and were rescued just in the nick of time…

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They weighed just 5.5 kg the day they were saved, less than half of what they should have been. Staying together at the vet clinic and sharing the same memories from their awful past, has made them inseparable and our desire not to separate them has meant that they simply never got their chance of a family.

Yet now, that day has come …. they both have the offer of a fantastic foster home together, with a view to adopt, in the tranquil setting of the beautiful Devonshire countryside of the UK, just a stones throw from the beach!

They have a HOME at last but yet again we have a problem…

We tried to raise money for their clinic treatment yet were never able to raise enough, there is also their boarding costs for the last few months to clear and transport to their foster Mammy & Daddy in the UK. To clear clinic, boarding and transport we need to raise 960 euros (£750 / $1190)

They are so incredibly deserving of this chance, such happy sweethearts, Hansel in particular is a comic genius, sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face and Gretel, is more calm and demure, with a certain shy cuteness.

Please can you help us make them happy for the rest of their lives? PLEASE help us to make Hansel and Gretel’s dream come true!

Thank you so much from K9 Rescue and Hansel and Gretel ♥

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