Hope’s life has been one of heartbreak and misery. Raised by her mum last winter at the back of the Bus Station in Sofia along with her 6 siblings, Hope then had to endure the horror of her mother and siblings either dying or disappearing one by one. Then at the end of August she was run over by a car and left in a disabled condition in excruciating pain – with two broken feet, a broken leg, a spinal injury and hip joint degradation.

And then Hope’s fortunes changed, her plight was posted on the social networks and we arranged for her to be taken to our clinic where her healing journey began…

Locals informed us that Hope had been in this condition for almost 6 weeks. Her back is curved upwards but she can walk and run. She gains weight in the front, but not in the back.

X-rays show that the right leg is broken, yet has healed crookedly, with one bone over the other and with calcification. Her left leg is not broken, yet there is damage to the hip joint causing Hope terrible pain.   Her back paw is also broken yet her feet have healed without medical intervention, she is very uncomfortable.

Our Orthopaedic Surgeon discovered that there was a bone fragment going into the hip joint cavity which was the reason Hope was in so much pain.  He decided to do a femoral head section of the left leg, to remove the ball from the hip socket, so the leg is effectively free-moving and Hope is now doing very well after hip surgery! She eats a lot, and is a lot calmer than before surgery because she has no pain anymore.  Once she has recovered from the hip surgery, our surgeon believes her spine will straighten out, as the arched back is a compensation for the pain.  They do not think further surgery will be needed on the now badly healed broken right leg, but they will know more in the next few weeks once she gains more strength after the surgery.

However, all of this costs a lot of money, yet this little Angel needs our help now. She has battled against all odds to survive and now has a chance to experience love…. Please help if you can, every penny counts.

Thank you from Hope and the K9 Team! ♥


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