Community street dog Toto was no threat to anyone, much loved in the community and fed by the locals and so it was with horror that volunteers found his beaten body, still tied to a tree, with Toto fighting for air… 

He is now blind due to the intracocular pressure from the choking which has caused hemorrhages of the retina.  He is also disoriented with ataxic lack of coordination from the nerve damage likely due to syringomyelia, which can occur after choking, a nervous condition where fluid-filled cavities develop within the spinal cord near the brain.🙁

Toto was literally minutes away from sure death yet with the fast actions of our volunteers, his future is now safe, yet exactly what we can expect from his recovery is still uncertain…

The vet is hopeful that given time, Toto will recover greater coordination of his limbs, yet this poor boy doesn’t understand why he can no longer see and keeps pawing at his eyes, as if he thinks there is a veil across them 🙁  The ophthalmologist is hoping that with continued treatment we will be able to clear the retinal hemorrhage enabling him to recover at least some partial sight. Toto is currently at the clinic healing and recuperating from both the physical and mental ordeal he went through. He is a brave beautiful soul who fought strongly to survive against all the odds, lucky to be rescued at the last moment. 

Will you help brave Toto?

With the nervous system damage and blindness from the ordeal, Toto needs long term care for recovery, and we URGENTLY need funds to cover his vet fees and boarding of 100 euros per week, as it will be many weeks of vet care before we will know if our vets efforts to relieve the pressure in his eyes and restore nerve damage will be successful.
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[/gdlr_column][/gdlr_row]Please Help Us to make Toto well again. Every cent is very much appreciated