18741362_10156153735674097_1265306949_nOur volunteer stumbled across this gorgeous proud Mama who had made an old building site home for herself and her beautiful puppies, not yet with their eyes open.

We called her Lola and quickly befriended her so that she would allow us to relocate her and her babies to our refuge.

With Mama Lola settled, all was going well, and her 3 puppies, all boys, started to blossom and become beautiful plump pups ♥

Then just 10 days later, 6 more puppies, just a day old, were found thrown to the street like garbage, whilst a poor mother dog somewhere will likely be beside herself with grief :( 

pupsWith no other options, we took them to Mama Lola, who welcomed them enthusiastically, licking them and making crying sounds as soon as she saw the orphaned babies; she is such a darling Mama ♥

So our Mama Lola with her own 3 babies is now a surrogate to our 6 orphans so she is going to need a lot of support – 9 hungry babies for a street Mama who has only just come off the streets herself is a big ask of her, so we need to be able to give her and all 9 pups the very best of everything to ensure they all come through in the best of health.

All babies seem to be doing ok except for the smallest baby girl who was not suckling so she has been taken in by a volunteer to see if she can hand rear her.

We could not ignore any of these precious little ones BUT we need URGENT financial help for food for mum, milk for pups, colostrum, bedding and boarding – we know from past litters that it costs us over 200 euros per pup to raise them, passport them and get them ready for new homes, and these are 9 babies, which is a massive undertaking for both Mama Lola and us :(

It will be impossible for us to raise these innocent little souls without your help. We are going to need around €1800 for the costs of boarding, food and vet care bills to keep these gorgeous little pups healthy while we wait to get them ready for adoption.

PLEASE donate and share for them. Any amount will be gratefully appreciated

PLEASE, PLEASE help us with these adorable babies.

Love Lola and babies

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[gdlr_video url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHcf2w3joqM” ]