Amber is a sweet, adorable little Pekingese mix who has suffered greatly in her short life, yet with your help, now has the chance of warmth and love in the UK.

Amber was involved in a road traffic accident whilst trying to survive alone on the street, nobody helped her until we rescued her.

It then was discovered that not only did Amber have a broken femur head of her back leg that was completely smashed but that she was also pregnant. Our vet was unable to repair the bone, so the head of the femur was removed and a pin placed until the muscles strengthened to support the leg. Then sadly only one of her three babies survived, but the surviving baby thrived and has now been adopted.

Amber is now totally healed and can run like the wind. She is an active little girl who is only 30cm tall and quite a little pocket rocket.

Amber is currently at our refuge, yet now has the opportunity of a fabulous foster home in the UK where she complete her recovery in the comfort of a warm home. Brave little Amber now desperately needs your help to raise 500 euros for her clinic hospitalisation costs and her transport costs to the UK.

Please help her stay warm and get the care she needs this Winter. PLEASE, PLEASE help our little girl get to her foster home.

Love Amber <3



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