Since his spinal surgery little Joshua has gone from strength to strength. He is an absolutely adorable little man, around 1 year old and weighing only 9 kilos, he is the perfect little companion. He is now well enough for his adoptive home – he needs a family who can look beyond his paralysed legs, and see the happy, cheerful, loving little boy that he is; someone to love him and be his soul mate, and he theirs. Please SHARE his story, to help us get him the really great home he deserves! ♥

History: Joshua was another tragic victim of suspected abuse, he was found unable to move, with his bladder and bowels so paralysed that his abdomen was bloated due to being unable to eliminate. X-Rays showed that his spine and spinal cord were completely severed into two, the likely cause from a downward strike of a large sharp implement.

We decided to do surgery to at least straighten his spine to give comfort. Following his surgery on 21st March at Nova Clinic Sofia, Little Joshua has become our latest Miracle Boy as he has recovered neurological control of his bodily functions and sensitivity in his legs and is now able to stand up!!

To see exactly just how Amazing Joshua’s Surgeon at Nova Clinic is to have achieved this for him, please see his original X-Ray of his spine below.

And then another Angel Came… a lovely lady called Janice Falconer, who upon hearing about Borko’s Legacy Carts, offered to send sweet Joshua a cart!

And now here he is today … the second recipient of a Borko Legacy Cart – Joshua’s debut in his wonderful new cart, and he is so happy to be able to move independently again!

Thank you so so much Janice for your incredible gift of life to sweet Joshua!!  ♥ Now Josh is enjoying life again, and his spinal surgery healed, he is ready for his new forever home.

We are still desperately short of funds for Joshua, as his specialist surgery and after-care is very expensive  – please if you can, please help us to pay for his surgery, and after care treatment, please click on the Donation Link below or go to the Giving Page, thank you!


And if anyone would like to adopt or foster little Joshua, please contact us! Thank you ♥