We received a call from a municipal shelter in Bulgaria asking if we would take a little disabled dog that they had found at the beginning of May 2013 suffering terrible sores on his legs from dragging along.  They said their shelter was unsuitable for him as their floors were all concrete, unsuitable for his disabled legs. We of course agreed and arranged for his transport. The shelter thought he had injuries from a road traffic accident yet their initial x-rays did not show any injury. The x-rays we took also did not confirm this theory so we then made a very expensive CT scan which confirmed Bobi has a spinal constraint in the level of L4 (the 4th lumbar vertebra). This vertebra is 8mm shorter than the others. It is now thought he may have been born this way, maybe a congenital defect or restriction of his back when in utero. Bobi has paralysis of his back legs but can sometimes stand yet in a very awkward position. Physiotherapy, acupuncture and other therapies may help this condition, yet Bobi will always have some level of paralysis so a wheelchair is now essential for his quality of life.

And so, we need your help to ensure this very special little guy gets every chance possible to live a wonderful life. In order for us to progress Bobi’s rehabilitation we need to raise the funds necessary for his physiotherapy sessions. Bobi also needs a wheelchair and we would like to get him a fully adjustable cart with an additional belly support strap.

So we beg you PLEASE to help adorable Bobi and allow him to live the life he so deserves! Thank you!

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Video of Bobi enjoying life in our own clinic in Bulgaria:

[youtube height=”315″ width=”420″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp0WDkk-B5o[/youtube]
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