Our volunteers received a call that there is one fragile, starved, dehydrated, suffering from severe mange puppy on the street sitting next to the garbage bins. We took her immediately to the vet where it was diagnosed that due to starvation and neglect she was suffering from severe demodicosis. It was so severe that all her fur was gone and she was lethargic and had a poor appetite. On top of it she had a severe case of rickets.

Due to her condition everybody was avoiding her and evaded to touch her. And yet despite her unpolished look we fell in love with her eyes and her nature- she was calm, sweet, and desperate for a cuddle that nobody was giving her…. We named her Cinders.

We started the medical treatment and after one month homeopathic treatment Cinders was transformed into a beauty – a princess, her brave spirit testament to her ability to survive on the streets despite only being a few weeks old.

Until now, no one wanted our sweet little girl, perhaps unable to see beyond her history and past rickets. Yet this month, after 5 long months of waiting, our precious Cindy has been offered a foster home in the EU, with the chance to find her soul mate!

Cindy’s story is not unique however, right across Eastern Europe millions of dogs are struggling with starvation and malnutrition, often resulting in painful skin disease due to the stress and hardship of living on the streets. 

It costs on average 1500 euros (£1100 / $1700) to rescue, kennel, prepare, re-home and transport a critical case like Cinders to a family in Europe. By donating today you could help rescue dogs like Cinders and give them a safe new life of peace and happiness.

If you can, please help us to help others like Cinders, any amount you can give is very much appreciated…

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Dogs like Cinders are routinely faced with poison, starvation, beating, freezing to death or fall victim to being run over by a tram or car and sustain horrific injuries. Please give today to help rescue more dogs like Cinders and give them a chance of a life of peace and safety.

Anything you can give, will help… By donating today you can help rescue more dogs like Cinders and give them a chance of a life of love, safety and happiness.

Thank you so much from K9 Rescue and Cindy ♥

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