It was mid-December, the dead of winter in Bulgaria, with minus thirty C temps and 2 meter snow drifts. Pregnant Kiri and her sister were chained in the garden, with their short Staffy coats no match for the harsh elements. Kiri watched as her sister slowly froze to death, unable to get off her chain. Kiri’s fight for life and that of her unborn pups was so strong that she fought hard to escape and found shelter in a nearby woodshed. Just in time, as within 24 hours she gave birth to five beautiful little pups.

As luck would have it, the woodshed is owned by a kind family who have since fed her, provided blankets to keep her family warm and contacted us to help her. Yet, with the mass over-population of Staffy dogs in our western world, options for this family were extremely limited. Yet, against all the odds, we now have great news… we have managed to find the whole family their fantastic chance of love and happiness in Europe!

However, time is of the essence, as we only have until the 7th March to raise the funds to get them there, and it is not a cheap journey for the whole family their new homes are a long way from Bulgaria :(

Please HELP US RAISE the $1300 URGENTLY for Kiri’s chance in a million to take her little family to the life every dog deserves.

We must hurry, as we really don’t have much time…

Thank you so much in advance
from Kiri & Pups ♥