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Sweet Hazel was abandoned on the cruel streets of Sofia, Bulgaria, and being smaller than most dogs on the streets she was being continally attacked and chased away by other dogs from valuable food sources, whilst humans kicked her away from them. She was possibly hit by a car in the past as she was found by our volunteer living behind the trolley park at a city supermarket with a poorly healed injured back leg causing her to limp in pain.

X-rays of her leg showed an advanced exostosis in the ankle joint, likely from an old trauma to the joint, which could originally have been a fracture, which healed, but the bone grew out more than is needed and formed an exostosis and nothing surgical can be done to help with this. She can run, jump and play yet it often causes her to keep weight off the leg and twist out her front right leg a bit in compensation.

Hazel has been one of the lucky ones, as we were able to find her a lovely family in the UK who are willing to work with us to relieve some of her discomfort and improve her range of movement using some alternative therapies such as Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractic Manipulation and Homeopathy.

It costs on average 650 euros (£512 / $800) to rescue, kennel, prepare, rehome and transport a healthy dog like Hazel to a family in Europe; considerably more if they need medical treatment. By donating today you could help rescue dogs like Hazel and give them a safe new life of peace and happiness.

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Thank you all for everything you do to give these dogs the life they deserve and helping us to make dreams come true!

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