We were alerted last year to a severe case of neglect at a house in Bulgaria.  When our volunteer got there, he discovered not one, but many dogs starving and living in the most appalling conditions in a filthy yard, left there by a hoarder without food or water for days, a common form of neglect in Bulgaria. The hoarder would only allow two dogs to be taken from this House of Horrors, and with no legal rights under Bulgarian law to remove any dogs at all, Hansel and Gretel, who were in the worst condition having been starved to near death, were the lucky ones to make it out of there alive and were rescued just in the nick of time…

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They weighed just 5.5 kg the day they were saved, less than half of what they should have been. Staying together at the vet clinic and sharing the same memories from their awful past, has made them inseparable.

Since then, they have gone from strength to strength, living happily in our open space kennels, waiting for their forever family – and that is what we are desperately looking for  – one family willing to adopt both of them together, as when one is taken away, the other cries in complete distress.

Are you able to open your heart and home to sweet Hans and Gretty together?  They will repay you ten fold, with every fiber of their being – all they need is a loving home.  Please contact us!

Or if anyone can help us with Hansel and Gretel’s mounting kenneling costs, we would be very, very grateful. Our rescue costs are rising by the day and we are currently struggling at the moment.

Thank you so much from K9 Rescue and Hansel and Gretel ♥


And if anyone would like to adopt or foster little Hansel and Gretel, please contact us! Thank you ♥

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