Our kind, handsome, gentle giant Max has found his soul mates at last and is now living in the UK much loved by his new family.

Max’s story is one of great sadness as he was found and rescued at a holiday resort in Bulgaria. Local residents believed that Max had gone on holiday with his family there and for some cruel reason they decided to abandon Max and go home without him :/

Poor Max sat and waited for their return but his dream to see his family again was not going to come true. Max was simply heartbroken and lost. He spent his days sitting and watching the holidaying children, he adored them and they adored him.

Kind people seen his plight and started to feed him, everyone was very sad for him but they knew that once the holiday season was over and everyone went home that Max would find himself completely alone. Then thankfully for this big, adorable, kind dog, Guardian Angels seen him whilst holidaying there themselves, and arranged for him to go into kennels and contacted us to find him a loving new family.

Max has been one of the lucky ones. It costs on average 650 euros (£512 / $800) to rescue, kennel, prepare, rehome and transport a healthy dog like Max to a family in Europe; considerably more if they need medical treatment. By donating today you could help rescue dogs like Max and give them a safe new life of peace and happiness.

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Thank you all for everything you do to give these dogs the life they deserve and helping us to make dreams come true!

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