Dear friends of Borko, With sadness in our hearts we have to tell you that we have lost our beloved boy. Borko is at Rainbow Bridge.

Borko became ill around 2 weeks ago; vomiting and refusing food.  Tests taken showed that he was in acute kidney failure. His creatinine and urea values were ten times the upper limits and he was suddenly fighting for his life as the vets advised that his condition was critical and if he did not respond to treatment it would be potentially fatal.

Borko was given lots of fluids and electrolytes via I.V. to flush the toxins out of his body, antiemetics to stop him vomiting and stomach lining protectors to stop him developing ulcers.  He was comfortable and alert, yet his kidneys failed to respond to the treatment and his condition deteriorated suddenly on the morning of the 4th May, so he was rushed back to the vet, where he sadly collapsed and died on the vets table before they could do anything :'(

Borko was an icon and helped raise enormous awareness about the plight of stray dogs in Bulgaria, and also awareness that dogs with a spinal injury can still go on to live happy and fullfilling lives. As Dr Litov, his devoted Daddy said, he left paw prints in our hearts. Dr Litov is simply heartbroken; for him Borko was his child, and he has been left shattered and broken by Borko’s sudden illness and devastating loss. He has asked all of Borko’s fans to simply honour Borko and remember him.

Borko was blessed to have thousands of friends and supporters all over the world. He was lucky to survive against all odds, yet sadly our little fighter was unable to cheat death once again.

A few days later, Dr Litov, wrote a note for Borko’s fans…


A Nation mourns. A Nation of animal lovers, rescuers, Borko’s supporters, followers and fans fell into a pit of grief and despair after our beloved angel passed away on the 4th of May. His departure was so sudden and unexpected that its comprehension is even more of a struggle. The truth is….. we really never know how far or close the death of our animal companions is to us. All we have left now is a myriad of displaced emotions that we will try to survive. Many more will surface, to be explored. So now we must give ourselves time to mourn and acclimate to living a life without our special boy. This may not make sense right now, but the mourning period can be a very sacred, holy and beautiful time to experience, if we allow ourselves this. Mourning can be a period of deep reflection and introspection, a time to experience the sweet love of what we miss, a time to love deeper than we ever thought possible, a time to remember, a time to see better, a time to gain wisdom and compassion, a time to learn and stretch. It can be an extraordinary time of growth and development, which, although brutally painful, bears amazing gifts to the evolution of one’s soul. Mourning is a time to feel, deal and heal from the inside out. It is a time to experience the pain from the emotional charge of our loss, until it has completely moved through us, ……….and dissipated.

On a more personal level, on the surface, I manage to keep it together. Inside, though, the hurt does not wane. Every time I would look at Borko’s favourite napping places, his toys, his water and food bowls, his doggy bed and blankets, his cart, his little shoes and panties, I would feel a stab in my heart. I still look for him around the house at times, thinking he’s right there next to me, eager to give me kisses and whining for my attention. To me, he was a child, a person in a dog suit, a special being who opened my heart as it has never been opened before. Because of Borko, I know I am forever blessed and changed for the better.

Blessings of love and healing

Borko’s Daddy

We leave you dear Borko fans, with a few photos from his final days, and some photos and videos from earlier, brighter days.  Rest in Peace Sweetheart, you will never be forgotten ♥


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