DISASTER has struck one of the puppies we rescued from the pound in the summer 😞 They were all playing in the snow, when one of the bigger pups ran into little Bianca and she slipped on the ice, dislocating her hip, causing her to scream relentlessly in pain 😢

We rushed her to the emergency vet and at first we thought her hip would be able to be manipulated back into place, yet sadly the dislocation was so bad with the hip capsule and ligament that hold it in place being irrepairably broken and torn that the surgeon said there was no way to reposition it correctly without it coming out again which was why she was in so much pain. Instead, an emergency femoral head ostectomy had to be performed to remove the head and neck from the femur, which will allow her to move her leg normally without pain.

The full recovering period is about six weeks, so she’s on antibiotics and monitoring, with gentle physiotherapy needed once she can use the leg.

This terrible accident has created a wholly unexpected and massive financial burden to our already dwindling funds. We therefore desperately need 500 euros to cover the emergency care and surgery costs plus vet boarding for the 6 weeks recovery period.

Can you help?

We beg you to please help us give this brave little girl the treatment she needs, to heal her so she is well enough to find her forever home and live the rest of her life safe and loved. Every cent is very much appreciated