It should have been a simple routine amputation, yet tonight, Jordan is now fighting for his life and we need your help to save him :-/

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Jordan was rescued from the hostile streets of Bulgaria, unable to use his very painful front leg due to a suspected fracture. X-Rays revealed no broken bones, just an old trauma to his leg and shoulder, probably from a car accident, that had injured the brachial plexus nerve, rendering his arthritic leg useless with muscles completely wasted away.

With no prospect of him ever being able to use his leg again, we decided to amputate his leg and free him once and for all from the massive pain he was in. The surgery went well last week, and post surgery Jordan was bright and cheerful, overjoyed to be finally pain free. But then 2 days ago, disaster struck. Jordan’s condition began to deteriorate, with increasing lethargy and no appetite. Confused, our vets ran some tests, which showed severe anaemia, consistent with the incubation of a Tick Borne Disease. An expensive IDEXX test was made and Jordan was immediately started on treatment for Erlichia Canis, a form of Tick Borne Disease, that causes life threatening anaemia, fever, anorexia and thrombocytopenia (decrease of platelets in blood).

We started to give artificial haemo and plasma transfusions, yet his condition worsened and his red blood cell count continued to decline to critical levels so last night we made an expensive blood transfusion from a donor dog.

And now we wait. We may need to do further emergency blood transfusions, yet with Jordan’s vet bill already at an alarming 780 euros, and with blood transfusions being 150 euros a time exhausting our emergency reserves, we simply don’t have the money to make that happen :-/

While Jordan’s life now hangs in the balance, we need to turn to you our wonderful supporters to help us once again. We have an URGENT request tonight for donations help.

Can anyone help us to save Jordan? Please share and send healing thoughts and please pray ♥

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