We have wonderful news about the eviction of disabled little Borko and his Daddy Dr Litov!! The Bulgarian Administrative Court in Smolyan ruled in favour of Dr Litov and against the municipality of Devin!

According to the judge, the eviction notice, served at the end of March to Dr Litov was unfounded and flawed. Not a single shred of evidence was presented to the Court to substantiate the municipality’s claims that Dr Litov was in breach of his tenancy contract. Тhe judge ruled all photographs of Borko, taken in his room, inadmissible and irrelevant to the case. Furthermore, according to the judge “the lack of physical evidence, substantiating the municipality’s claim is an infringement of the administrative procedure so fundamental, that it makes it impossible for the court to establish the very legal grounds of that claim”. As a result the administrative act (the eviction notice) as a whole is corrupt and void. In other words the message to the municipality of Devin was “Grow up and wise up”!

Way to go Borko and Dr Litov… yay!!

[youtube height=”315″ width=”420″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ig4JsiXeVA[/youtube]

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Or perhaps some Borko Christmas Cards helping to spread the word not just about the plight of street dogs like Borko in Bulgaria, yet also about Disabled Dogs – life doesn’t have to end when a dog has a broken spine, with mobility carts widely available now, a dog can still enjoy life to the full, just like Borko does!







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