Aaron was found wandering the streets in March, emaciated, with a severed leg and severe skin condition.  We took him to our clinic and found he was in quite a mess bless him, with his skin in a terrible condition with demodecosis, pyodermia and foruncolosis and his severed leg needing to be fully amputated as the bone was actually exposed.

We started immune system support and treatment for his skin, and then finally today, he was strong enough to have his leg properly amputated. He is recuperating well, simply very happy to be fed and have a warm bed to lie on ♥

With severe skin conditions such as this taking a long time to recover, Aaron will not be ready for adoption for around 3 months, so his veterinary bill will be very expensive, minimum £1000 ($1600 / 1200 euros) so PLEASE if you can help us with Aaron’s treatment costs we would be very appreciative.

Thank you from K9 Rescue and Aaron ♥

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And if anyone would like to adopt or foster little Aaron, please contact us! Thank you ♥

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