…from little acorns, big things can grow!

Dear friends, we have some really great news! Through our appeal for Borko’s Campaign 4 Change, we were incredibly lucky to meet Gary Edwards of Norton Animal Rescue who introduced us to both Gavin and Andrea Gamby-Boulger at Wetnose Animal Aid and of course introducing us to the lovely Lorraine Chase, who became our Charity Patron!

Whilst filming Borko’s Campaign 4 Change, Gavin and the team were incredibly moved by the plight of the Bulgarian Street Dogs, so much so that Gavin pledged £1000 to K9 Rescue to help us with our work!  And so now, this weekend we received their superb life saving donation from Wetnose Animal Aid, most of which will go towards paying off some of our ever-increasing vet bills and also a pallet of dog food being shipped out for both Kiro and Maria’s Refuge and our partners refuge, SAR Bulgaria.

Wetnose also forwarded another wonderful donation from the amazing Peter and Myra Egan for Borko’s appeal which will be used to help Borko’s siblings.

We would like to say a very special thank you at K9-Rescue to the amazing Gavin and Andrea at Wetnose and also Peter and Myra Egan for their generosity and kindness and also for the tireless work of Wetnose Animal Aid helping animals in need around the globe.

Thank you so much Wetnose for helping and supporting us to help the street dogs of Bulgaria! It is very much appreciated!

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