We have a crisis here that is suddenly insurmountable. A mum and 4 pups that we had earmarked for rescue were taken by the dog catchers last month, caught on film in this heartbreaking video below…

Our volunteer quickly went to take them from the isolator but was refused until they had spayed the mum. When we returned a week later to take her, they coldly said she bled out on the kennel floor from the surgery wound (it’s an old trick in Eastern Europe to only do one layer of stitches, in a cruel and barbaric attempt at reducing numbers returned to the streets) leaving her four puppies orphaned.

[gdlr_video url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdFXN197pTk” ]
So, our volunteer quickly took the mum’s four orphaned pups and seven more starved pups that are in bad shape.  With no quarantine facilities to house them, we temporarily housed all 11 pups in a friends yard to keep them separate from our other rescues, as the isolator is rife with disease and the pups immune systems at a low ebb.

Then disaster struck.  Sadly as suspected, due to the atrocious conditions of the pound, the puppies quickly started to show symptoms of Kennel Cough in the days following their rescue which we have been treating successfully with routine antibiotics, vitamins and a fresh diet. All pups seemed to be recovering well although two of the babies remained weak despite round-the-clock care. Then suddenly we lost one precious little boy and we discovered that they are all suffering from a concurrent hepatitis infection; an infection more severe and life threatening and despite immediate treatment, we have now lost a second precious pup, a little girl :'(

We are now anxiously treating all of the remaining 9 babies for Infectious Canine Hepatitis and are praying that we have caught this terrible disease in time :/

We desperately and urgently need funds for food, bedding, veterinary treatment and medical supplies as well as materials to make a proper enclosure and warm kennels. Most of the babies are too young to have their Rabies vaccine, so they will be in our care for some time to come before adoption.

With fundraising during the summer months at an all time low, we still desperately need at least 800 EUROS / £675 / $900 USD as this is going to be a vast effort to keep these 9 remaining puppies safe and to get them healthy.

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PLEASE, PLEASE help us to save these gorgeous little souls… thank you ♥

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